This is must read!!!!!!!!  Indeed it could not get much worse, the secretary of education the sister of Eric Prince, the founder and head of a mercenary group called Blackwater whose biography, offered in part, as the article tells us in Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army (a book that will not now be found on any school’s library shelf), is chilling.  She may not be her brother but I guarantee you that she is not adverse to his ideas or his business.  And read too about her husband who was the focus of many an article for his archly conservative verging on fascistic views of the world and how it should be run.  As the last post argues, education is the last hope for reversal of the incredible damage that has been done because of what transpired this election.  The people who are advising Trump are smart enough to know this and to create an educational system that serves their undemocratic desires.

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