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And interview I did with Dennis Meyers, News Director at the Reno News and Review that helps to explain my concerns regarding colleges of education.  I am looking for both critique and support in finding ways to do something about the state of the body politic and I am beyond desperate in recruiting people interested in doing something other than voting for the next best than worse, who are interested in redemocratizing and carrying toward its ultimate goal of the better union the proclamations found in the Declaration of Independence.  This is serious business and it is not really, directly of a partisan variety.  If you read what I offer up, you should find that I am all about people thinking for themselves and offering up their opinions, thought and opinions born of being solidly informed and willingness to apply reason to the decision making process.  Democrats are as rotten as republicans and when one demands for reaching across the isle, consider what it is for which you are wishing.  If that reach couples assholes with assholes, then what you have is doubly potent assholism.

I did vote for HC and I am not proud of it because it does not make me proud to have spent my life fighting for democracy and then chasing between one brand of authoritarianism and another, the good authoritarianism justified by attitudes toward the multitudes that show little respect for the ability of most to make good and sensible decisions.  The really nasty part of this is that the attitude has a basis in reality, that a good proportion of the citizenry of this labeled democratic nation are neither well informed nor wise in the the way they go about making their political decisions.  Ask and I will begin to show the information available that confirms this fact of American life.

People are capable of much more but, in a society that is patently anti-intellectual and hooked on answers offered up by demigods of one political brand or another (think about those commercials aimed at garnering votes for any of the candidates offered up for election this year and try to find the substance, the intellectual rigor displayed in what is conveyed in those advertisements).  Rush works and so does the Boxer rap, the selling of Hillary and the selling of Donald Trump.  The truth is not is of much importance as the personality and the fact that all political candidates now take on the air of celebrity should be a clear sign that campaigns now are as much about entertainment as real and meaningful political grist.   Where were the ads or the conventions featuring true intellectuals, the really smart and well studied people out there?  Beyonce and Springsteen count!  Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges,  or Ezra Klein do not.  Ted Neugent and Jerry Falwell Jr. count but where were the likes of Bill Crystal or, yes, George Will?

Education, education, education stupid, and of a very different variety than what is offered today, what most Americans alive today have experienced.

I join the Greens because they are fresh and viable.  Look what Jill Stein has been able to accomplish since the election!  Their platform, not mine to embrace, but possibly open to my influence.  The big parties offer nothing of the kind and it is time we had parties that did exist as forums rather than propaganda machines.  Maybe Green and maybe… But something else, please.

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Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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