Policy wrangling on the far right

A piece of a note received from Frank Cannon at the American Principles Project.  I am wondering who is paying attention to what is going on in regard to the future of education policy in the United States of America.



President-elect Trump understands that America needs a massive overhaul of the education system, but his recent pick for Secretary of Education is cause for alarm. Betsy DeVos talks about Common Core just like Jeb Bush and other Republican Common Core supporters. By saying she supports “high standards,” DeVos has ignored the fact that Common Core standards inherently corrupt our education system.

Leftist radicals like Hillary Clinton have been working for years to restructure our schools, transforming them from places of education to factories of indoctrination. This movement has been driven by their push for new academic standards. The result is dumbed-down content and a curriculum that molds students to follow the marching orders of progressive authorities.

The Progressive establishment has infiltrated schools nationwide, but with Donald Trump as our President, we finally have the chance to go on offense. We will work with the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress — and fight them if they veer off course — to defeat the Common Core, end needless standardized testing, and stop government involvement in unnecessary data collection that violates student privacy.
Frank Cannon
American Principles Project

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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