Protests for their displeasure

Fund for disruption:

Say we wanted to make the pleasures those who are responsible for making life unpleasant less pleasurable.  Say we wanted to make a round of golf at a primer resort such as Mara Logo a miserable experience or a dinner at a five-star restaurant abominable.   Say we wanted a stay at the resort or an expensive hotel unpleasant.  Say we wanted to create a fairer distribution of misery so that those now benefiting from policies that are for the betterment of those who already have it better than most feel pain and not pleasure for their deeds.

Say we form a cadre of disrupters and a fund to support their acts of disruption, a fund that would pay for admission to the greens, for a drink or dinner at the club, a meal at the good restaurant, access to resort grounds so that they could be obnoxious enough as to upset the patrons by talking loudly about things they do not want to hear, how their good lives are being paid for by those who work for wages that do not support a decent quality of life.  Disrupters could, while the perpetrators of misery are trying to enjoy their good fortunes, make loud conversation about the plight of people who work for less than decent wages, who cannot afford decent housing or health care or a decent education for their children.

Maybe we picket the boarding schools and clinics where the wealthy and insensitive go to get the superior health care they tout.  Maybe we take a facial or a sauna at their spa and let them hear the stories of those who have not while they are enjoying so much.  Infiltrate and talk about the nasty things they sponsor in order to have it so good for themselves.

Certainly we can block entrances and throw up pickets at their places.  We can block access to their neighborhoods or drive up and down their streets to produce exhaust for them to smell.  Maybe we do something to kill their roses, make noise they do not want to hear, get inside the gated of the gated communities just for the sake of disrupting.

We fund the lawyers.  We support those willing to take disruptive actions.

We take our protests to where they live and play, hey?

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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