Board of Trustees 2020

The next opportunity for a run for the Washoe County School District Board of Trustees will not come until 2020 but, considering the need for considerable and radical change in the schools, I have begun to campaign now for the seat for District E. I am running now because doing so gives purpose to development of arguments for particular kinds of changes related to what is taught, what needs to be taught, what is needed if such instruction is to take place, and what must happen in order to insure that students graduate from high school are ready to interact with the world, as citizens of a democratic nation that is a significant world power, in an informed and thoughtful manner. Whatever else schools may have to offer, to be legitimate schools for a democratic society, students must be able to and willing to stay informed and think critically. Since elections for the seat are four years away, I will continue to speak through Facebook and Twitter of the agenda I will put forth when elected and those who wish to meet with me to discuss that agenda are invited to let me know of such. I will arrange meetings for those who wish to discuss a better future through truly effective educational programs.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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