Beyond Cynicism

Yes, one after another, Trump and his minions play there nasty frat-house games with the welfare of the world, appointments used not to insure that the good work of government gets done but that government becomes a game of got-you-bad fuckhead.  Yes, one after another, administrators appointed to do the exact opposite of what the agencies they head were created to do.  What we who think we are still sane need to do is do what articles such as this one do, point to the evil in the appointees in terms of the work the administration intends for them to do and force them to take personal responsibility not only for taking on the evil work but also for the evil of their pasts.  This guy, William Bradford, is a bad joke and his appointment to deal with Indian energy affairs is pathetic, not because he doesn’t have some administrative credibility in the field but because he is a racist son of a bitch, no matter how he and his supporters try to rewrite the history of his utterances or the thinking behind those utterances.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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