Everybody’s Party Except the Selfish

Yes, there needs to be a party with a a strong and sensible agenda aimed at righting the wrongs that have caused so many people in this democratic society (by the people!) so much grief. My sense is that a good party in a democracy does everything it can to insure that democratic process is in place and citizens know how to and are willing to participate with good sense in the societal decision making process. Such a goal would mean that people are so well educated as to be able to participate effectively, engage in the kind of discourse that leads to decisions that are good for all–decisions that are not going to insure that some have nothing and others far more than they need. If not the Democratic Party, than a party based in intelligence and humanitarianism, the good of the whole over good only for some who already have it good and want even more even if it harms good numbers of their fellow citizens.
WPO story today: “Perhaps Democrats thought things would be easier because of Donald Trump’s rocky start. His presidency has produced an outpouring of anger among Democrats, but will that be enough to bring about a change in the party’s fortunes? Some savvy Democratic elected officials doubt it.”

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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