Maybe you don’t like socialism

The piece linked below relates to a story that disappeared from the media a day or two after the building burned from top to bottom in but a flash, a building filled with real human beings who met a really gruesome death.  When I found it, I published a link to a newsletter produced by a group of people concerned with the living conditions people in the Grenfell Tower were forced to live because Grenfell Tower was “affordable” for people like “them” and because they had absolutely no power to change even those circumstances of their living that put them in great danger because those responsible for the building in which they lived did not care about their lives.

A society in which people really do not give a shit about the welfare of others, about the lack of quality of life of their fellows nearby is a shitty society.  This article is not about people wanting more than they deserve; it is about people, very nasty people, living off of the misery of a good many, forcing them to live as they do, without much, by paying low wages so that higher profits can be made and taking from the poor even more by making it impossible for them to find decent housing as cities gentrify.

Civilized human beings would not tolerate such, would not standby as their fellow human beings–men, women, and children go up in flames.  Civilized people would not tolerate their fellow human beings not being able to get decent health care–yes in Britain they do but in our fake civilized country, a good many do not–and educations that prepare them as well to take power as the schools for wealthy children prepare them.

You may not like socialism but, if the current capitalist existence is good for you you may want to consider the ways in which it is not good for a very large percentage of the people affected by an economic system based in greed.

As the article linked below states, more people died in the Grenfell Tower than have died in all of the terrorist attacks on London combined.  Those attacks get considerable coverage.  But then, the media as we know it is a capitalist enterprise.

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Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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