Stupid is good, ignorance is beneficial

Yes, I agree that the Russian probe is important though I know that it would be good for those who care about the true results of elections, the legislation and policy that come of those results, to focus more keenly on what changes are being made to our world and the effects they will have on our lives.  Without a doubt, the fairness of elections is critical to people-centric governance and the fairness question concerns much more than people being able to vote (certainly important) and the vote not interfered with by forces inside or outside the country who want to manipulate the vote to get the results they want.  At this time, the outside forces seem to be more of a concern than the inside and this is a problem as manipulation of the vote has been a factor in our elections for a long time and boosted greatly by such manipulated policy decisions as Citizens United.

But here is an incredible story about an incredible attempt to manipulate the way the people think about things by manipulating the way in which knowledge is produced and checked for its validity and reliability.  The EPA and all agencies dedicated to promoting scientific research and objectivity in research are being made into machines for propaganda of the kind that represents disregard, even disdain for the truth and a profound hatred for those who work diligently to insure that the research they produce and its results are properly credible in light of the magnitude of its relevance to our ability to lead decent lives on a healthy planet.

Here it the article.  I hope it gets read:

Trump EPA Dismisses the People in Charge of Scientific Integrity

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