Vile meanness: Can lawful disapproval really improve the lives of those in need?

CBO scored the truly evil republican health bill and lent proof to the fact that it is an evil bill created by people who deserve absolutely no respect because they so disrespect their fellow human beings with their willingness to take more than they need while others suffer greatly for their greed.

Who gives a fuck about 20 million thrown out to sink when they have health care needs. Republican answer, throw them an anchor so they can get to the bottom even faster.

This is intolerable cruelty, a profound lack of the kind of empathy that makes good human beings humane beings.  The republicans are punishing those already punished by their lack of wealth, by conditions of life that would never be allowed in a kind and generous society.

But kind and generous, in the conservative lexicon are synonyms lax, for notions that when adhered to lead to laziness, begging for handouts (entitlements) and ultimately to lives of crime.  Lack of empathy leads the real criminals, those who take much and cannot even find their way to giving even a little back, leads to such things mass incarceration of all but those who commit the most heinous crimes, crimes against humanity masked as a hard generosity that teaches THEM to learn to take care of themselves despite their being little left available after the rich and powerful get most of what there is that is good.

This is called civilization, the people who run it the civilized.  Really, what this society has so sadly been convinced of is that the barbarism reflected in moves such as the creation of this health bill IS a high form of society and that is the bullshit that kills on the street, kills in the neighborhoods, and in the families where the underclass must reside and obediently or else the wrath of the law will be upon them.

It might be that to return to a nation of laws that protect and enrich the lives of the people there will have to be some lawlessness.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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