NRA Declares War on US

The video linked below is for real and it is beyond worrisome considering that it was produced by an organization that owns the minds of millions of gun owners who, considering NRA policies and the rants of its leaders, hold ideas that are so crazy as to make them susceptible to the call to arms that is broadcast in this message.

I have been thinking on the outskirts of my good sense about what would happen if the crazy right decided to act upon their ideology and take the fight to the streets to teach those who lean liberal a lesson about whose country this really is.  I have good reason to believe that the lefties would be terribly out-gunned considering that those to the left are often times against the proliferation of guns and do not collect them as do good numbers of people on the right.

I pushed the thought into a space reserved for ideas too crazy to contemplate but that were real ‘could-be-s’ considering just how ridiculously out of hand things are in this country right now, Breitbart in the White House, Jeff Sessions as AG, Donald Trump in the Whitehouse, and how insane what really is when one thinks about it.

I still would not arm myself because I do believe in civil society even if I live in one where civility is thought to be, by too many of those I live with, weakness, in a society in which crazy people are armed to the teeth and in which I will be defenseless if the followers of those who lead the insane posse of rightwing extremists call for action.

Really, I do not know what it is that I should do anymore.

Watch this clip:


By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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