Beyond what is beyond beyond

‘Morning Joe’ hosts: White House threatened us with tabloid story

This is beyond absurd unless one lives in an absurd universe like the one in which we are currently living.  It is hard to make sense of what is going on.  No, it is impossible to make sense of what is going because what is going on makes no sense.  It makes no sense but to understand it is necessary for thinking about what to do and, it seems, there is nothing to do about what is that makes sense.

Yes, this is a spin and the spin is spinning out of control at warp speed.  A man is in the position of being the most powerful person in the world and he is without a doubt out of his fucking mind.  He is irrational, unreasonable, sick of mind, ugly in speech and deed and he is the leader of the country in which I live.

I would rather not think about him because to do so is profoundly upsetting.  I have to stare a squirrel in the eyes to ground myself in something I can begin trying to understand, what the squirrel is thinking.  I do get a sense of this when the squirrel stares back while chewing on the seeds that have fallen from my bird feeder.  Really, in the squirrel’s eyes I can read some sensibility, some meaningful purpose in what he (or she) is doing and how what he (or she) is thinking while going about his (or her) business–good place to get some good food and I am taking good advantage of the opportunity.

But that Trump asshole!  What is in his eyes expresses nothing meaningful, nothing that anyone would want to really understand because who he has shown himself to be as a being is a person without good sense, without any kind of purpose that a human being with the least bit of integrity might have in life.  He is president because he wanted to become president because he was Donald Trump and he thought Donald Trump should become president–because he was Donald Trump.  That seems to be as far as he thought it through, that stuff called principles, philosophy, and meaningful goals not a factor in his running for the office, he just wanted to be President Donald Trump.

And somehow, beyond comprehension, he became president, President Donald Trump, without principles to guide his presidency, without a philosophy to guide him in his decision making, without meaningful goals, the presidency becoming with him in office a strange vacuum, important meaninglessness of great consequence, laughable but critically dangerous to all that is good in the nation and for the world.

The alert has been sounded many times now, most often by the dangerous man in high office himself that he is indeed dangerous, that he is and will continue to do what is harmful to others and in big numbers and big ways.  He is ever so big even though he is so little for his pettiness, big only because he holds irrationally to a bloated sense of self, to a caricature that is his own self image; he mistakes nothingness for grandeur that only he himself can see.  Those around him bow to his bloatedness because…  Because they too mistake their ridiculousness for something other than what it is.  And there is a far too large segment of the public that loves the show and thrives on its idiocy and its ugliness.

Unbelievable where we are and what we have come to be.

‘Morning Joe’ hosts: White House threatened us with tabloid story


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