Rich person’s country

This post concerning the social lives of the rich and powerful reminded me of what I hated about the last election of which I offered in my posts warning of the dangers of the kind of collusion that was so apparent if one were to look at with whom the various candidates were prone to socialize.  One liberal poser, for instance, was known to hang with the rich and powerful on too many occasions to hold on to of the people credentials and had been seen at social functions thrown by the person who should have been her worst enemy, this out of concern for the good and goodness of the country.

So, look at this list good democrats and consider what our liberal representatives do in the evening and consider whether or not their partying with the people with whom they party deserves consideration when contemplating who truly can serve to represent the us that is the people.

To all of this I say MOVE ON (DOT COM)!@#$%^*&^%!!!!!!!!

Jared and Ivanka hanging out in the Hamptons with George Soros and one of Clinton’s close friends, Alan Patricof.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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