Unable to afford a decent place to live

The link here is to an essay that I think to be related to some of my recent posts concerning the rich/poor, powerful/without any power divide that is ever more the norm in this society.  Gentrification is not a problem for those with enough money to enjoy the fancying up of blighted places but fixing up that pushes others out of neighborhoods in into the streets is not to be celebrated.  Articles discussing the costs paid by those who cannot live where they once lived because of rises in housing costs brought about by wealthy people wanting to live in and near the new urban parks and trails is something that needs to be considered every time a city throws a party to cut the ribbon for a renewal project.

Those living in the city I call home need to give serious consideration to what is good and not so good about the way we are going about prettying up the place.

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Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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