The violence of the oppressed must be understood to be different from the violence of the oppressor (Paulo Freire kind of said that).

“Violent protests” says the MSNBC anchor, holding back, but only slightly, the disdain she feels for those clashing with police on the streets of Hamburg, one of those regularly scheduled disruptions to the peaceful meeting up the street of world leaders who are the peaceful ones only because they hold power and use it to make sure the greedy and viciously wealthy can live the peaceful lives they attain by doing violence to the lives of the most of the people living in the world today. It is time that decent people everywhere call the bullshit and make the call so loud that it pains the ruling class so badly that they at least pretend that they have even the slightest bit of humanity, enough so that they at least begin to consider the real consequences of their behavior for those they without conscience exploit mercilessly.
As for a “liberal media”? Bullshit on that too. Neoliberal at best (and that is not at all good) because their reason for existence is profit, the bottom line. Remember who owns them! Even PBS has been made to bow to corporate interests.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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