McCain’s life worth more than yours or mine?

The Daily Kos is not a favorite site of mine and they ask me on a daily basis to sign petitions the origins of which I do not know nor do they actually tell me what the wording on the petition will be or even to whom it will be sent.
But this pitch got to me because it struck me too the other day that while Mitch Mc awaits for his return, presumably to vote yes on a health care bill that will keep good numbers of people from even adequate health care, John McCain is being treated at the Mayo Clinic. If McCain votes for the bill when he recovers, what he will have achieved goes way beyond hypocrisy. I am trying to find words to describe what it actually is and “profoundly selfish,” selfishness of a horrible kind that allows one person to think that they are worth and more worthy than others. Here is what Kos sent:
Stephen, the Senate Trumpcare vote has been delayed once again, this time because of a medical emergency. Senator John McCain is recovering from surgery to remove a blood clot and cannot return to Washington for up to two weeks.
Trumpcare denies every day Americans the kind of top-notch life-saving care McCain is receiving right now. The current bill will force millions of people into junk policies that offer essentially no coverage and it prohibits people from upgrading to better plans for six months. Members of Congress, however, would be exempt from this provision.
Adequate medical care should be available to everyone regardless of their income or job title.
Call Senator Dean Heller at (202) 224-6244. Tell him everyone deserves proper medical care when they’re sick. Demand he reject Trumpcare now.
Hello, my name is Stephen calling from 89523 in Reno. It is unethical to have one medical system for the poor and a better, more accommodating one for the rich. We all deserve the kind of care and treatment you want for you and your colleagues. Reject Trumpcare now.

By lafered

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