While I do not side with good numbers of those who stand against the current government of Venezuela, I do think that the tactics that they are employing to bring about the kind of change they want are amongst the most effective because they hit at what is usually most precious to those who hold power in modern day societies, the economy that brings them the wealth that brings them the kind of power that allows them to stay wealthy and powerful.  National strikes have throughout history brought about chance, certainly some if not good change, but often change of magnitude.  In the USA, disrupting the economy is the only way, I think, to disrupt the present reality so that something better can replace it.

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuela’s opposition called on Monday for a national shutdown against President Nicolas Maduro in a major escalation of protests against a leftist government it accuses of flouting the people’s will.

“We are not going to allow the destruction of Venezuela. The whole country overwhelmingly rejects the Maduro regime,” said opposition leader Freddy Guevara, announcing the first 24-hour strike in nearly four months of anti-government demonstrations that have led to some 100 deaths.

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