BS: “Candidate Trump claimed that he would be a President for the working class. Our country is facing unprecedented levels of inequality, and President Trump is showing more concern for handing out tax breaks to his billionaire friends and family than addressing the rising crises that face working Americans every day.”

This should have been THE issue addressed by the democratic candidate because it is the root of most every problem in this society whether it be who can afford health care, poverty, job security, jobs, gender disparities, racial disparities, even the environment for rich people and insanely wealthy companies like Exxon can buy policy and laws that favor their bottom line while ignoring what science says is real and dangerous. Wealth inequality figures into how the educational system operates (private vs public, better schools in wealthier neighborhoods, cost of higher education, tutors for the rich and none for the poor, quality of day care, etc., etc.). Because money is power and power buys policy, democracy is undermined by the way it is distributed and used in our society. SO, WHY THE HELL WAS IT THAT THIS ISSUE WAS NOT FRONT AND CENTER AND WHY WAS IT THAT DURING THE DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION SPEAKER AFTER SPEAKER CHEERFULLY SPOKE TO AMERICA THE WONDERFUL, AMERICA THE GREAT? Did anyone of the party leaders stop to think that the glee might really piss off people who were hurting from what America has become? IT IS THE FUCKING ECONOMY, STUPID, and to ignore this reality for whatever the reasons might be gave good numbers of people to not vote for either candidate or to vote for the candidate who said that things were screwed up and needed fixing? That the person offering the many a way out of their misery, no matter that he was a cheat and lier, should not be so hard to understand why those who were celebrating–party paid for by whom?– the goodness of the system that gave to them a lot at the expense of many others?

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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