And so so much began

Powell became a Supreme Court Justice. Consider whether or not reference to the document attached below, a memo to the United States Chamber of Commerce, might be the manifesto for the movement that has brought us to today, to a state in which the people work for business interests rather than, as it would be in a well educated, well informed democracy, a state in which the purpose of business was to serve the people.  Could it be that the trope that socialism of any kind is destructive to democracy (see Milton Friedman) was born not only of the “red scare” but of a parallel movement to insure that all would believe fully in the capitalist system even when good numbers, the majority, were being screwed by an economy crafted to make labor cheap and profits high?  Here is a link to the memo, written in 1971.  Consider the meme so prevalently accepted to reflect truth that universities and colleges are dominated by left-wing professors who are enemies of the American way, the proper American way.  Could it be that anything that does not support a system that is obnoxious in many ways, hostile to the well-being of so many, can and has been considered anti-American, anything and anyone questioning the viability of capitalism categorized as a person hostile to America?  And who gains from such a belief being instilled in people through an educational system?  Might it be true that educational institutions have been and continue to be forced by the powers that control, those with wealth and the organizations that benefit them, the Chamber of Commerce, for example, to teach what is not true but what those powers wish be taught?  Could it be that Powell and his acolytes have managed to co-opt the educational system, kindergarten through college, to insure that their “American way” grows more dominant and the people controlled to believe that what they see with their own eyes to be against their own best interests good?

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