Gentry and pissants: Fuck the poor

Go about your daily lives in one of the “better” countries in the world now and ignore the fact that there are good numbers of people who are being pushed around by wealth, stepped over, crushed, thrown into the garbage.  The cities are looking better, the riffraff out of sight, their plight not to be worried about because the whiskey bars and upscale beerhalls are aplenty.  The quality of life in the neighborhoods is a hell of a lot better and affordable only to those who can afford the good whiskey and the craft beer.  The police keep the streets safe and quiet and are told not to notice the humanity of the men and women and their children too who cannot afford to live decent lives, the indecency of it a mark against them and not those who create the conditions that make such lives the only ones possible for those without decent wages. Poor and burned alive

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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