Nazis are a horrible thing. So are the conditions that cause some to adopt abhorrent and deplorable attitudes and lifestyles.

As always, there is a cause for the malady and it is that cause we need to discuss. It must be obvious to anyone concerned with seeing what is before them that there are a great number of people terribly dissatisfied with where we are as a nation and where we seem to be going. They are dissatisfied because the lives they live are not the lives they would like to live. They feel that, a good number of them, that they have no control over their lives and, as the great economic disaster of our recent past shows, they are right. People become mean when they cannot, even if they work had at it, find their way to a secure future. Someone else–big banks, corporations (remember the great period of layoffs followed a few years later by great drops in paycheck?)–for that someone else’s purposes is, by law and by the way business is done, allowed to determine their futures. I hate what the anger brings about and I hate even more the conditions of life that some have forced upon others that kill off the joy and happiness that should become with living the life of a human being. There is no excuse for hate unless what is hated is that that is inhumane and, thus, hateful.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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