A Bigger thing than Trump

To get past this truly ugly moment in our history, we need to reflect on how we got here, how we have allowed selfishness and lack of proper empathy bring us to a point where we have a man who cares for no one except himself, who thinks only of himself and acts to serve himself no matter who is harmed by those actions. He is the epitome of got mine-fuck you, an attitude that is not his alone, an attitude promoted with a twinge of old time religion to make it seem the gods’ goal. To defeat evil we need to understand evil beyond those who carry it, to honestly come to know it and its roots so that we can do what is necessary to get rid of it that insure that it will not come back. The Nazi thing fits with the business thing and the fact that Wall Street thrives as Trump holds the office should be telling. People who get good from evil are evil themselves, right? Yell about Trump the man but it is Trump the symptom that is what ails us.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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