We aren’t what we eat. We are what we allow to repeat

Racism, admit it folks, has been tolerated even by those who hate racism because, to live in this society with a little peace of mind, racism has to be pushed out of mind even when it is instantiated before one’s eyes. Racism, sexism, an a host of other prejudicial beliefs and belief systems have been tolerated for far too long and now we have another opportunity to get properly uncomfortable about it, to make those who support racism and sexism and other kinds of prejudices uncomfortable because they cannot be allowed to be comfortable or comforted by their bigotry. We need to get at the causes while doing everything we can to fight the here and now consequences.
Can we have a meeting? Can we design a plan that is aimed to cure what Trump represents, what he and those who had and have and continue to support him suffer from?
We need to demonstrate what is good about us and by doing so we should be able to provide the stark contrast that needs to be seen. I do understand the desire to fight violence with violence. I understand the reluctance to fight the system rather than a few who are its worst advocates and I understand the belief that given time it will all go away. I have now lived a good part of my lifetime and I think it fair to say that what is rotten has been here for a very long time and what has been done to get rid of it has not really worked, none of our evils done for and gone, all still around because we refuse to deal with root causes that have much to do with an economic system that is said to be working well when good numbers of people are hurt by it.
If we care to care, then we need to really care about each and every person experiencing hurt and pain. If we do this, we will become adequately humane and then be ready to formulate the better society that is truly respectful of the basic principles laid down in the Declaration.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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