Donate to Red Cross. It is only because we are stupid that we need to do so.

In response to a request for donations to an organization that funds programs for children suffering from cancer.  These children in need suffer enough that they should not have to suffer more if adequate funding is not available.  If we, as a very wealthy nation, cannot through government fund programs that are essential to the people’s health and welfare, then we are a just not a very good society.

The writer of the message to which I am responding said something to the effect that we need to take our minds off of other things so that we can do what is right by kids suffering from cancer.  As with so many other nasty aspects of life in this world, the problem resides in an economy–taxation is a factor of economy–that really does not properly serve the people.  The stupidity factor resides in the fact that we are dependent on charity in matters that a humane society would fund through its government because charity may not, is often not enough, to take care of what needs to be taken care of, if we care enough to be adequately humane.

Actually, many of those other things have direct relevance to this particular cause. People shouldn’t have to go begging for funding for programs that help people. A society of true good will would use the power of the vote to insure that all good and essential causes received the monies they needed to do ESSENTIAL work. Right now, there are so many good causes asking for money that people are forced to choose between clean air and cancer research when deciding how to donate. Now we have the tragedy of Harvey and the Red Cross is asking for donations. Why the hell should emergency needs be dependent on people who are taxed to pay for programs that serve the needs of citizens being asked to donate in order for people affected by the flood to receive what they need and deserve? It should be a no brainer that serving public needs is the primary responsibility of government and if government does not have the financial resources to adequately provide what is needed, then government needs to more adequately funded. We live in a stupid society and keep it stupid by not admitting to how stupid it is and why. We are wealthy enough as a nation to at least fund the basics and the health and welfare of the people is rock bottom basic.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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