The reality check that too many wish to avoid: There is no liberal party

This article published recently in the Washington Post deserves to be read and contemplated honestly by those who are sincere in their desires to create a fair and equitable society, who care to get at what is really wrong in this country, to take their focus off of Trump the absurd and idiotic individual to consider the whys of a Trump presidency and the impotence what should be a genuine opposition to the absurd and idiotic.  The article explains what is indisputable, that the democratic party is far to beholden to corporatists and has, in its modern incarnation, hooked up with those who care about profits over people.  Of course good numbers of people are angry with democratic, not because they are crazy, necessarily, but because the party has, in reality, been selling them out for a long time and the consequences of the democratic/republican corporatist coalition have been devastating for them, really!  The hurt has been real, the feeling of abandonment genuine, the real consequences felt in quality of life and loss of control over their own destinies.  The democratic party is an elitist party, most of its candidates for office members of the political elite, its leadership serving and being served by corporate interests making for an entity that just doesn’t care much about those who have been and continue to be hurt by an economy that rewards predatory capitalism and disdains mention of programs that really serve the best interests of the whole because they smack of socialism and threaten to take something away from the very wealthy to provide something enough for the rest of us.  Wake up!

From the article: “Yes, Obama prevented an even greater collapse in 2009. But he also failed to prosecute the banking executives responsible for the housing crisis, then approved a foreclosure wave under the guise of helping homeowners. Though 58 percent of Americans were in favor of government action to halt foreclosures, Obama’s administration balked. And voters noticed. Fewer than four in 10 Americans were happy with his economic policies this time last year (though that was an all-time high for Obama). And by Election Day, 75 percent of voters were looking for someone who could take the country back “from the rich and powerful,” something unlikely to be done by members of the party that let the financiers behind the 2008 financial crisis walk free.”

Not a false accusation but fact!

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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