Grenville Tower a Residual of Capitalism’s Ugliness

smoldering class resentments… A nasty tale of neglect


I have posted before about the London fire that burned up near 100 human beings and the lack of concern for these people’s lives in a city that each day becomes less concerned for the lives of good numbers of its citizens as the upper classes own ever more of the political power in what is supposed to be one of the most civilized nations in the world.  What is it that is killing so many and harming so many others in significant quality of life ways?  A kind of capitalism that has for a very long time allowed those who attain wealth to purchase others by using their money to buy political power that should be vested in all who are members of a society and not just the few who can afford that power.

That that building is not a horrific reminder of the kind of inequality that currently exists in our capitalist societies is a sign of the inhumanity people in these societies have come to accept.  What is now acceptable, seen by too many as  a not so consequential residual of an economic system we now accept to be the permanent one, is eating up the lives of millions and millions of people who are being burned by this current reality.

“Meanwhile, hundreds of survivors remain in limbo in 49 hotels scattered across London, and tempers already roused by smoldering class resentments have grown short.”  It would be a wise thing to do to consider the reality that is fueling those resentments and the political systems that insure that those systems will continue to move away from providing for the welfare of the people while stuffing the pockets of those who already have way to much.


By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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