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To Reno City Leaders

WE DO NOT WANT TO EMULATE LOS ANGELES, do we?  The future of Reno is being written now, as the city grows and becomes more prosperous.  As I have said before, the lure of big economic growth needs to be properly balanced with the welfare of citizens and not only those who are likely to benefit in a big way from the ‘rising tide.’  It will not lift all boats unless action is taken to make sure it does and concern for ALL is the only way a public entity can carry out its duties to the public.


Los Angeles, a case in point:  Rich city without enough humanity.

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  1. Hey Josh in Japan! Good to hear from you and thanks for the article. I am doing fine in retirement, most days finding enough to do to keep me busy. Hope life in Japan is a good life. Be well, take care.

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