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Suing Jeff Sessions

Right Wing Watch report on People for the American Way lawsuit against the Attorney General

Remember that Sessions failed to, on more than one occasion, report activities that should have been pertinent to his requests for security clearances and that should have been stated in response to congressional committees regarding whether or not he was fit to serve as Attorney General.  Despite hiding critical information from various government bodies and despite lying about pertinent activities that would have most likely disqualified him as a candidate, he was confirmed by Congress.

Sessions is a terrible human being.  He does not believe in the force of law.  He is a man of a god who has told him throughout the years that he, a nasty excuse for a human being, is somehow superior to others and his nasty way of thinking about himself and others is enough to disqualify him from any government that serves the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

The he was appointed and confirmed is contemptuous, contemptuous of the very values that, if emulated, would make the United States a great nation.  This suit is important for showing Sessions as he is and for is contempt for law and proper order under a democracy.



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