Off field influence a good thing America?

We really are in rapid decline as a society. Individual good sense is given up for the sake of getting along, for being with it even when it is something utterly ridiculous. Good sense would tell one that a meaningful line, a critically important line when the important political news of the day is that the president has insulted members of professional sports leagues and those involved in professional sports come to be important representatives of political righteousness. It isn’t that these sports stars should ever be denied their right to speak their minds, represent their political beliefs before the public. But it is the sign of a society become absurd when, because they are able athletes, they attain degrees of political power that those of the general public do not share. That the country is roiled so by a president castigating football players for their political statements reflects how individuals attain prominence in this society, not by showing high degrees of intelligence but by becoming entertainers, smarts not a requirement for becoming representatives of the people will . I do not mean to belittle their, the players’ sentiments, not theirs or the other entertainers whose opinions are shared on a regular basis with a public that somehow has come to believe that those opinions are more important than their own. I do care that so many are willing to make more of the opinions of these entertainers than they do of their own and of those, who, like themselves, are the “ordinary” people. We, as a society, have lost perspective, have lost our minds, have been made mindless by the very forces that have given entertainers such prominent roles in our society, roles that should be played by we “ordinary” people and those we have reason to understand to be exceptional in their ability to help us understand what makes good sense.Re

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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