Obama signed Moreno Opioid Pusher Enabling bill and neither he or democrats who allowed passage had no idea about what was in the bill or what effects would be: Really!!!!????

A lot of people have a lot of explaining to do and MSNBC Live interview with Obama era drug czar should be eye opening as he explains that the passage of the bill Tom Moreno got congress to pass (without voice vote, without dissension and was signed by President Obama) got through, became administrative law, was because no one was paying attention. REALLY? Neither democratic congressmen and women nor the president! Could it be that some who are thought by good people to be on the right side may be swayed by the dark side if there is money involved? Neoliberalism at work here, people liberal on some issues but culpable in the government by corporation takeover?
I will post the clip when MSNBC makes it available. Here is a WAPO story that covers some of the same ground.

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