Honesty sometimes hurts like hell and the only salve is even more honesty

I offer  this link not because I agree or disagree what what is said here, nor do I necessarily subscribe to the actual motives of Judicial Watch.  I offer the link because I think it is a perfect example of the kind of incident/event that some, because of their political persuasion and ideology try to ignore and ask others to ignore.  But to ignore is to be caught out for being bias and biased thinking and deservedly so.  The only viable political environment I know to be a healthy one for a democracy is one in which truth is in the open and all players participate in finding the truth and demand that all others show their good faith in democratic process by being truthful no matter what the consequences of truth telling might be.

This story, one being circulated now in various media for the purpose of providing a jarring counterbalance to stories concerning the current administration’s interactions with the Russian state and its leaders.  I do believe that the truth is that that is the intention.  But that the story is being used for such purposes has nothing to do with whether it is a story relevant to understanding our current political crisis and its legitimacy as a story.

What is reported about the Clintons, their dealings with a Canadian uranium company that wanted to sell shares in the company to Russian interests and contributions by the uranium company to the Clinton Foundation, are, as far as I can tell true.  And it is also true that the Obama administration, it seems at the urging of Hillary Clinton, was helpful in getting the deal approved.

As a commentator on one of the news programs I watch, on a channel known to have a liberal biassaid, if nothing else, the optics are terrible.  And I can see why those who do not like the Clintons, who do not like Obama, and who do not like those of the liberal persuasion, particularly those who are dogged in their efforts to bring out the truth about Trump and the administration, want to get word out again about what they want people to understand to be, as I have heard Trump himself say, ‘the real Russia story.’

To dismiss the story for it not being true, for it being unfair, or for it being irrelevant will be, and fairly be made to be seen as hypocrisy on the part of those who would like it to be that the events never occurred or that the events say nothing meaningful about the character and the political behavior of those implicated.

So, my point is that to get things moving in a better direction, people are going to have to start telling the truth and talking openly about what is true and that that seems to be true but needs further inquiry into whether it is or not.  This will take courage and it will be costly in regard to wins and loses and alliances, partnerships, even friendships.  Because it is so costly it is very difficult to get people to do and more so because it not only eats on alliances, partnerships, and friendships but because it is galling sometimes to be honest with oneself.

The Loretta Lynch Clinton meeting is something else Judicial Watch is going after and, if there are people out there that want to participate in meaningful cleansing of a corrupted political process, they should insist that every shred of evidence anyone calls for that has the potential to get at the truth be provided no matter who it hurts or how much it hurts.



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