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WCSD saga… And the children will continue to suffer.

Very interesting, this from a review of the current Washoe County School District Superintendent.

“It’s a different board this year than last, and so people have different perspectives,” said Angela Taylor, board president, who didn’t want to comment directly on the downgraded rating until it is made official…

The review, conducted by third party human resource firms OnStrategy and The Human Resource Connection for a fee of $19,500, consisted of a staff and community survey, a superintendent self-evaluation and one-on- one interviews with each member of the board of trustees. Reno Gazette-Journal, November 1, 2017

As the review was conducted by the members of the Board and an outside research firm, the “It’s a different board” reaction form Dr. Taylor, is a rather interesting one.

More from article: 

But the perceptions of the 124 site leaders, including principals and vice principals, and 708 certified staff, which includes teachers, were consistently in the lowest rungs of those who approved of Davis’s job performance.

Overall, district staff, parents and community stakeholders rated Davis’s job performance at 2.6 out of 5.



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