Donna, Donna, Donna, what will they do to discredit Donna?

They lied and, as it seems reasonable now to believe, they were hired to lie and to the people for whom they should have been working, the rank and file party members.  As it turns out, the rank and file did not have enough money to pay for operatives high end lifestyle but those with ties to billionaires and big and rich corporations did.  Those with those ties were high ranking party leaders who were not at all above misleading and manipulating party members, many of them still members for lack of anywhere else to go.

There is no viable party!

The party and its operatives were not working to keep me informed on issues, to present the real positions for which leaders were advocating, to win elections to further the causes they were telling me they supported.  They cared about my vote and little about how my voting for what they wanted me to vote for would affect me.

What angers me most is the way the democratic party tried, and succeeded, to portray me as a fool for, what it turns out, not being taken for a fool.  I read many posts from people who still try to diminish those who supported a legitimate progressive agenda by calling us Bernie Brothers and attaching to that moniker the image of a dupe who couldn’t understand what a joke Bernie Sander’s candidacy was.  These are people with real influence in the party, members of its leadership and its mainstream.  Even now, as even more comes to light to show that it wasn’t we who supported Bernie who were duped, the respectable people in the party, those who have branded themselves realists are doing what they can to make evidence of their treachery go away, make those producing the evidence seem unreliable if not outright liers.

And this makes me even angrier in light of my experience with democratic leadership at the Nevada State Democratic Convention and the lies told there and afterword that were meant and succeeded in making us, those asking for a fair, by the rules, nomination party look like fools, and worse, out of control and dangerous.

We need a new party.  We need those who continue to support current leadership in the democratic party to reassess, look at the evidence, stop making excuses for those who do not deserve a dollop of respect for what they have done in leading the democratic party.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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