Two Parties for capitalism and no alternatives

In a functional democratic society, a society in which there is a lot of thought and many voices offering many ideas for the good of the whole, for the betterment of the society, there would naturally be political entities with some power, some degree of representation in the public discourse, speaking for alternatives to what presently exists. In a functional democracy in the 21st Century, the democratic nation would, as exists in other 21st capitalist nations, political entities critical of capitalism as it presently exists simply because capitalism causes a great many problems for a great many people. In the United States of America, both parties are parties of capitalism. There are two parties but in regard to dealing with the most potent force in the society, its economic system, they are both one the same side of things, the one offering a particular brand of capitalism, the other a slightly different version, neither in anyway willing to provide the necessary critique.

The United States of America, under its current two party system is not a democracy but rather a capitalist society because in the course of what is supposedly democratic debate, alternatives to capitalism are never discussed because there are not political parties offering alternatives. How can it be that there is no labor party in the U.S.A., no viable socialist party, no–yes–communist party?

It is because capitalism is us and capitalism is inviolable. A telling feature of our existence in this country, isn’t it?

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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