The real shits

It is confusing now to know what to do about the situation in which we find ourselves, the situation I think will be understood to be a valid representation of our current reality by those willing to honestly describe where we now are as a society. There is this midterm election coming up and, as now the usual, a pretense of difference being described by political candidates and political parties. Yes, there are real and meaningful differences between those competing but nothing so meaningful as to portent real and meaningful change if the one is elected over the other.
As I have said many times before, to loud applause and general agreement, is that for real and meaningful change to occur, change that will actually make better the lives of those who are not living so well now, there needs to be a revolutionary change in the way we do business in this society, in this society that has done so good a job of infecting the rest of the world with the idea that greed must be fed and fed well if the world as we know it is to keep turning.
Of course, this means, that the kind of good we have been given to be good necessitates people turning on other people, competing and doing whatever is necessary to win whether this means rigging financial systems or bombing those who will not comply with the wishes of whoever is bigger and stronger. Do what we say or we will blow your asses away.
And there are all kinds of bombs in the arsenal, repossession, eviction, loss of jobs, forced exposure in the stock markets because money in the bank does no longer draw interest, volatility in the stock markets that causes those who are forced to play but do not know how to play having their accounts emptied when there is a dip with nothing left to rise when things get better. That kind of thing that would be called illegal manipulation if the laws weren’t now written with those who can buy political power with the money they “earn” off the backs of those they force to work for low wages.
So, yes, get out there and vote. Generous ones like Cory Booker think that $15 an hour for those now working for less (How can that be?) is a progressive idea are better than the ones who won’t vote for $15 dollars an hour because it would hurt the corporations whose stock is traded daily on Wall Street.
What will I do? Really, I do not know. A vote validates the efficacy of the current system, it is the only one we have…What the fuck to do, I do not know. Let me think about it some more.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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