HTHBAA                            HTHBAA             HTHBAA                            HTHBAA

HTHBAA                  HTHBAA       HTHBAA         HTHBAA      

                      HTHBAA                 HTHBAA               HTHBAA                            HTHBAA

HTHBAA             HTHBAA             HTHBAA          HTHBAA                  HTHBAAH

It is inhumane to foul the water people drink.

It is inhuman to pollute the air people breathe.

It is inhumane to send people to war if the purpose of war is to make money for those who send other people to war.

It is inhumane to corrupt the law.

It is inhumane to have a corrupt system of law that allows judgment to be purchased by those who can afford to do.

It is inhumane to allow anyone to live in poverty while others are living in splendor.


By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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