The only meaningful definition of immorality is inhumanity

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The only meaningful definition of immorality is inhumanity.

We must push for a political system that makes judgment based upon what is humane and what is not and that means valuing individual human beings more than societal goals of any kind because the only sensible societal goals are those that serve all of humanity.  There needs to be a profound push to rethink priorities and that rethinking must, to be humane, take into consideration the well-being of all human beings.  The moment there is thought to be reason to sacrifice one, the reasoning that leads to such conclusions must be carefully examined and no one sacrificed for the good of the whole without that person somehow coming on his or her own to the conclusion that such is worthwhile.  Those who made decisions for others to sacrifice without them being willing to so sacrifice themselves are inhumane and their role in society needs to be carefully examined.

I propose this as a basic rule of the new society we should be putting forth effort to create.  We create that society beginning with our growing ourselves ever higher levels of empathy and willingness to do what is necessary in our own lives to insure that no other’s life is made painful in order for us to get what we want.

Today, I will spend some time feeling as best I can the pain that would come my way if my child were taken from me, that would hurt badly, intolerably so, for every moment of my being without my child and, so much worse, my child not being able to have me around, have me near.

This is an exercise to be repeated for the cause of HTHBBA every time someone else is made to suffer what ever it is that would hurt us.


By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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