HTHBAA means

What does HTHBAA mean?  A lot.  A restructuring of culture.  A new understanding of culture.  The responsibility of individual human beings in shaping culture, in understanding the forces of culture that have shaped them.  In understanding what that shaping has created and improving on the model as necessary.  In understanding that culture, all aspects of it, are human made, religion included, and are therefore malleable, of minds and of matter only so far as to how human beings choose to shape and use matter.  HTHBAA is about human beings realizing their power as individuals, the power of their human minds to make sense of the world and use what they come to know to remake the world so that it is sensible, the actions of human beings on the world properly evaluated and the response to that analysis reasonable and reasonably humane.

HTHBAA is about responsibility based in reason, reason driven by the need to get things right so that right can be done.

HTHBAA is about getting our shit together so that we feel so terribly bad about shitting on others that we never do again.

It is about replacing the thinking behind our modern day institutions and systems with new ones based in humanity–never a factory that chokes a single human being, never a product that causes misery, never actions that harm people or places, never again the acceptance of convenient lies nor the inconvenient ones.

HTHBAA us about hard truth and the willingness to seek them out and act rightly in light of them.

HTHBAA is about rethinking what we have been taught and reteaching ourselves so that we can be honest with ourselves and with others, this to create a society in which truth and honesty are the basis for all of the decisions we make.

HTHBAA is about rejecting every lie and doing what is necessary, within the limits of humane treatment of others, to make the liar understand the damage he or she does and our lack of tolerance for those who distort the truth.

The implications are many.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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