Hope they die

HTHBAA                  HTHBAA       HTHBAA                  HTHBAA

It is inhumane to teach that inhumane acts are noble acts.

It is inhumane to depict murder and torture as beneficial.

It is inhumane to sell products based on or in the inhumane.

It is profoundly inhumane to inculcate children in culture that glorifies violence against human beings.

A culture that glorifies violence against others in anyway is inhumane.

War is inhumane.

Violent games are inhumane.

Encouraging violent play is inhumane.

Violence in any form is vulgar.

To find enjoyment in violence is vulgar.

To produce entertainment dependent on violence and violent acts is both vulgar and inhumane.







By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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