HTHBAA A way or no way

HTHBAA! Come on now people, get together! We need to do some real face to face, meet in small groups so we can see one another, re-humanize and then think about one another as we go about our business. We need to talk and we need to talk now honestly about the inhumanity of this society in which we live. We are seeing a phase in our evolution toward a world in which business is more important than people, in which too many people, to do their business have to take something away from others and we now do this rather automatically and without real concern for the pain we are causing. Our economic system has desensitized us. We have decided to do what we can to avoid empathy because a human response to many a thing would cause us to feel guilt for what “has to be done,” for what is pragmatic in the context of a conditioned concept of what life “has to be,” what I have to do to do what is right for me and mine. Indeed, the good deed–having enough for your family to do well, for example–often involves disregard for the welfare of others because “I have to do what the boss tells me,” “If I do not take advantage of an opportunity that causes others pain, someone else will.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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