Our government has become cruel and vicious and, therefore, good people must do what is necessary to remove this government.  We can wait and hope that some branch of government will do something to stop the cruelty but it is likely that the people who cannot tolerate the cruelty will do what is necessary to force those other branches to act.

We ran out of time a while back and the time we are borrowing is not time being used well because our inability to move things in a different direction is harming good numbers of people in terrible ways.

It is often necessary for good people to suffer some for their goodness and at this point in time, when too many have it too good and considerably more do not have it good enough, to absolve ourselves of complicity in the cruelty being enacted in our name, we have to look at the system that allowed for the current regime to take power.  What is happening now has happened before.  The difference is that what lay just before the surface for a good long time has shown its face.  It has been ugly.  Many have died and more have been significantly harmed by the system we have accepted as normal for many decades, a century and more.

We need to change the system to permanently end the cruelty; we have to stop taking the gifts it offers for our complicity.

There is much that seems nice to have before one calculates the actual cost of some of those things, the human misery it creates, the inhumane treatment of others that is given tacit support.  How many were tortured, killed, made to live terrible lives so that the people of our country could have bananas and rubber?  How many suffered and continue to suffer (the land was raped and destroyed) for our having sugar?  And how many die and suffer and live miserable lives so that our corporations can get for us what they have told us we need.

The madness must stop but it cannot be stopped unless we admit that what is is madness, that cruelty seen and unseen is cruelty, that when our fellow human beings are shown to us to be sub human and we accept the assessment in anyway we too are both cruel and mad.


By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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