News that if true should cause you to puke

Lawsuit Claims that Immigrant Children Forcibly Injected with Drugs

PRI (Public Radio International) I have always to be a reliable source of information.  They picked this story up and ran with it so I will believe it true until I find out otherwise.

It does seem that youthful souls forced to live in such FOR PROFIT “shelters” might get a bit pissed about the conditions being imposed upon them and act in ways that their wardens would find disruptive.  Order must be maintained in the institution, right?

That the government is allowing private companies to profit off of the immigration crisis makes sense in a nation that has accepted privatization of such entities as jails and schools.  And, if there is a profit to be made there is incentive to build the customer base. Here it is the jailing of kids.

How fucking ashamed should we be?  I don’t think we are ashamed enough to take drastic action to deal with a drastic situation caused by our government and our society’s capitalist those.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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