HTHBAA foolishness, of course.  Another of my desperate attempts to get beyond the reaction to some kind of truly meaningful action.

There should be people in the streets stopping business from going on as usual.  Instead we march on weekends and feel better but have done little.

There is always talk about what will happen if things get worse.

They are beyond worse now.

There seems to be little sense of how this could have happened.

It happened because we let it happen.  There have been plenty of signs, many warnings.

But business as usual is what people want to get back to as quickly as possible.

You cannot do what is necessary to deal with the madness in an hour, a day or even an hour a day.

There has to come a day when we put a stop to it.

We need to stop things from going on as usual if we are going to put a stop to IT.

We would probably do this if we admitted to what IS really is..

What it really is is more about who we have allowed ourselves to become and most of us do not want to know because it would get in the way of life as usual.

That phrase about getting out our comfort zone really describes something of critical importance to getting at the answers.

It is inevitable that really thinking of what the world has become and who we have allowed ourselves to become within it will make us uncomfortable.

That is because our role in making it what it is should make one uncomfortable.

And there is more discomfort to be had in being honest about what must be done.

Really, that is not bad thing because it comes with thinking honestly and honest thinking lets us understand who we are as well as where we live and with whom.

That journey is a ride more thrilling than anything Disney or Great America can provide to divert us from really getting real.

Getting real is something a good many avoid at great cost, the price of admission to the world of entertainments that often are of no value to the growth of consciousness.

They divert energy away from the real and help people to escape what they do not want to know of and the feelings that would come with knowledge.

If we taught as Postman and Weingartner asked us to teach in Teaching as a Subversive Activity we would find joy in honest thought, joy so satisfying that the diversions would not become the substance of our existence.


We would have a lot of really meaningful things to talk to one another about and we would want to know a lot more about things, what is true and what is not.

We would take time to be with ourselves in thoughtfulness and with others to share thoughts.

We would come to appreciate each other more for who we and they really are.

We would become more humane.

We would find intolerable the killing and mistreatment of other human beings that is so much now an accepted part of our culture, in the real world and in our entertainments.

We would become more humane.

We would like ourselves a lot better for it.











By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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