Can we compare numbers: Immigrants to U.S. committing violent crime to U.S. citizens abroad committing violent crime?

Trump today was trying to show the inhumanity of immigration by standing with and speaking of the victims of crimes committed by immigrants to the United States, this an attempt to undermine concern and compassion for the children separated from their parents at the border by the US government for the stated purpose of protecting Americans from those coming over our southern border.

There are many reports containing statistics showing that the number of crimes, particularly violent crimes by immigrants is rather low.

I tried to find information regarding the number of American citizens who are convicted of violent crimes in foreign countries.

Try a Google search and see if you can find those statistics!  I tried most of the search terms I could conjure and could find nothing.  I have read of such crime, a good number perpetrated by U.S. service people.

If you find the statistics, share them.


By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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