Do you really think…

Can we really believe that we can move the country toward the humane society by just voting?  Right now the vote allows one to decide which of two parties will be allowed to govern.

In the last election, the divide was well depicted as MSNBC vs Fox (CNN in there somewhere too).  All of these entities are owned by super corporations.  Somehow we, the people, have been led to believe that it is from these entities that we should get the truth upon which we will decide our vote.

Maybe it is not about getting truth at all but, rather, a party line and the party line always favoring, no matter which channel one tunes in, a line that is ultimately a corporate line, good for the capitalist system that allows those who own pieces of these horrendously large and powerful companies to attain wealth and, with that wealth, buy power that they use to insure that things are very good for them even if it costs others their livelihoods and their lives.

To MAKE THE VOTE COUNT we must do more than campaign and vote.  We need to free ourselves of our dependency on MSNBC, Fox, CNN, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.  We must gain and retain independence and learn how to break free of our dependence on those who want to and do tell us what to think and how to think.

We must think our way out deception, the kind of deception that works to tell us that we have gotten somewhere when we have voted in our slate of candidates.

That is self-deception and the proof of this is that after that ever so glorious liberal victory that brought us Barrack Obama, we treated ourselves to the likes of Donald J. Trump.

How could that be?  Not hard to figure out, really if one looks at the MSNBC/Fox divide, our dependency on news channels that do not deliver news but exist to tell us what we should believe based upon the choices THEY make as to what news will be reported.

Proof of this?  Count the number of minutes of reporting, straight reporting offered each hour, each day on any of these “news outlets.”  Then count the number of minutes dedicated to commentary by the news channels’ selected experts!

In fact, where does one go now to get a factual understand of the events that affect our lives.  If you have a good answer send it to me.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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