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.’s knows he’s elevating militants among . That’s what he wants. And he’s succeeding. On , held forth at length, calling on allies to hound & harass admin officials in restaurants, on the streets, etc. That plays into his hands.


You seem to want to do things comfortably. Personally, I am so uncomfortable that I want to jump out of my skin. I cannot stand what I am experiencing, existential torment because I can empathize. Don’t get mad or express righteous anger? Beat up on myself and not the perps? What?

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You’re right Howard, we the people should just return to our homes and sit in contemplative silence while these ghouls and thieves plunder our nation and shame our once-beloved republic. This take is so pathetic and servile it makes me sick.


Well, so how does one deal politely with inhumane people? Can one get anywhere with politeness to save those harmed for harm and further harm? Business as usual now? I do not think so. What do you recommend? Another call to a congressperson, another march, what?

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