Israel and democracy and American Jews


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This is a very interesting piece by a very much pro-Israeli writer.  I do not agree with some of his premises related to righteous of there being an Israeli state on Palestinian soil (a hard reality for a good many good people to even contemplate honestly) and with his willingness to dismiss critically important elements in the Israeli society that prevent it from being or becoming a truly democratic state (the power of the Rabbis, Mr. Netanyahu at the helm).

I think the writer addresses, and reflects, attitudes that need to be studied, understood, and responded to in an honest manner, one being how affection for Israel makes some of those who love it blind to what actually causes what goes on there and in the broader region and why it goes on.

He argues that Israeli’s should ignore the critics even though some of what is criticized would be criticized even by him if such things were occurring in another country, the gender divisions that are imposed as a result of the state being a religions state, founded in the name of a single religion, this making it something of a theocracy.  How are those who argue for theocracy usually treated by people who support democratic principles?  Not well.  But, for this author and many of similar mind, this is not a concern because it is Israel they are talking about and the Jewish people need to have a Jewish state.


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