The laws and the law are being changed because of our failure to act when they were being violated. Those violations are now becoming that basis for laws and the law in the United States of America.

Two years after the ‘heist of the century,’ Republicans reap the rewards

Donald Trump, Neil Gorsuch, Anthony Kennedy

And we were so pissed but we took no meaningful action.  Mitch should have been expelled and the outcry lingered but a month or two. Trump appointing judges is making it near impossible for good and sane people to work within the law any longer.  MSNBC

The situation is not just bad and it will not just change with the election of the kind of candidates who will let things things as the blocking of Merrick Garland from a post on the Supreme Court pass in a little bit of time.  THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN REVOLT.  Why such didn’t happen is worthy of exploration.

And now the chickens have come home to roost or is it the dark hand of evil that now has us in its clutches?

And now we have Neil Gorsuch and any hope of balanced and weighted decision are dashed.  Recent decisions tell us this.

Really, it seems that the rules of the game have been changed to insure that the unworthy maintain power.  Worse than the immigration decision is the gerrymandering decision that will people who supported the Muslim ban and the taking of children from their parents at the border to continue to have a big say in how we conduct ourselves in this country under the law.  Watch for more gerrymandering, not less, into the future.

We will have to live by the bad decisions long into the future if…

If we do not do something to force the hand of the law so that it supports decency.

We will have to shut things down and start them back up so that we can be headed in the right direction.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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