Likes dictators and

And last night at one of his rallies Donald spoke about ending the anarchy occurring now and reinstitution “law and order.”  He respects dictators and other authoritarian rulers and praised Kim for his ability to do well the difficult job handed him.

By anarchy, what might he mean?   He seemed to be pointing his finger at demonstrators protesting HIS policies at the border and their terrible treatment by the demonstrators of law enforcement.  I haven’t heard of any incidents in which law enforcement people have in anyway been harmed by demonstrators.

Perhaps he is saying that some demonstrations need to be prevented or put down if he does not approve of the ideas behind the demonstrations, ideas he does not like?  I do not think he is referring to the demonstrations that are his rallies where he gets his followers to froth at the mouth with his nastiness, where he encourages his followers follow the leader in irrationality and hatefulness.


Policing ideas and controlling public speech.  Dictators do this.  Authoritarian leaders do this… Kim took on a very tough job and look at how his people love him for forcing them to think as he wants them too!  They love him and who more than Donald Trump wants just that kind of unquestioning love, right?

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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