Oh my, a socialist democrat in their midst!

And many in the democratic party will feel the same way.  She will “alienate the moderates.”  That is what they will say and they are probably right.  How do you think the party leadership is saying about her win?  Do you think they are celebrating or thinking the same thing Mitch is thinking

People for the American Way


Things keep going from bad to worse. The Koch brother’s network of right-wing megadonors just announced that they plan to spend MILLIONS to help confirm any Trump Supreme Court nominee “in the spirit of Justice Neil Gorsuch!” [1]

We’re launching a national campaign to save this Supreme Court seat from an unacceptable Trump nominee. That means working both sides of the aisle to get Democrats to use EVERY tool at their disposal to block another Trump rubber stamp, narrow-minded elitist nominee and put more pressure than ever before on the small handful of Republican senators who claim to be pro-choice, pro-equality, or “moderate.”




It is getting rather late in the game.


Old tunes, old wounds, new version

From Love’s Forever Changes album

“A House is Not a Motel”

By the time that I’m through singing
The bells from the schools and walls will be ringing

More confusions, blood transfusions
The news today will be the movies for tomorrow
And the water’s turned to blood, and if
You don’t think so
Go turn on your tub
And if it’s mixed with mud
You’ll see it turn to gray

And you can call my name
I hear you calling my name.

Please, please, please.

Would just a few people think about this proposition and, if they think it reasonable (and stretch the mind here) send the idea on to others. If not, I would like to hear what is wrong with it and why, if they won’t, people will not do as I have suggested. Please.

How about striking out before, into, and a day beyond Labor Day, days of redemption, days of reassuring basic decency in our nation and society. No work or school on August 31 and September 4 and a Labor Day weekend dedicated to activities re: talk of problem and remedies?

Can there really be a celebration of labor when the state is in such a state?

Strike back. The empire has truly turned evil.P